General Terms

If you want to make a reservation you need to give us some information about your journey and to send us a deposit.

Α.1 Details of your journey
In order to ensure the best service, we need to know:
• The number of the people who will stay in the apartment.
• If you have any pets accompanying you.
• The arrival and departure time.
It would also be useful to give us a phone number where we could reach you before your arrival and during your stay in the apartment.

Α.2 Deposit
If you are interested in making a reservation to apartment that you like, you may book it by sending a 15% deposit of the total price rent.

Α.3 The dates of the high and low season are:
Low season: January 7th – March 31st & October 15th – December 20th
High season: April 1st - October 14th & December 21st - January 6th

I. If the cancellation occurs more than 21 days before scheduled arrival, the deposit will be refunded in full.
We will pay back the amount owed within 10 days of the cancellation. In all above cases, the client pays no further amount, and the commitment between client and owner is ended.
ΙΙ.Should we be led to cancel the rental arrangement in case of emergency or uncontrollable situations (fire, major and absolute outage of the apartment), we commit ourselves to place you in a similar rental apartment, equal to or superior in category and standing, for the same dates, in proximity to and under the same price conditions, as the initial reservation. If you do not agree, then you will be refunded for all the rental fees paid. In that last case you will not be able to request any additional or further compensation.

C.1 Our representative will greet you at the apartment. This person will:
• Give you all the necessary explanations about how to have a pleasant stay in the apartment
• Show you the area and will explain how to move in the village.
C.2 Our representative will collect the remaining rental amount 85% of the rental price
C.3 Respect of the neighbors
You commit yourselves to respect quiet times and to refrain from actions that harm neighbors’ tranquility between 22:30 and 8:30. It would be also nice if you respected the tranquility between 15:00 and 17:00 when people in Greece usually take a nap.
C.4 Is something wrong?
During your stay in the apartment, should you need further assistance regarding the way several appliances operate or you need to signal a problem, you can call us at any time at the phone number that we will provide to you. We commit ourselves to do our best to repair shortly whatever is wrong according to the conditions mentioned in the house description.
• You should leave the apartment before 11:00. If you need to stay further in the day, we could permit you to do so until 15:00 without extra charge, if the reservations of the apartment allow it.
• For security reasons Keramoti Apartments & Houses always retains a master key of the apartment.
• If the tenant has unconventional behavior, Keramoti Apartments & Houses reserves the right to terminate the stay in the apartment. After relevant notification, the personal items of the tenant are transported at Keramoti Apartments & Houses offices and remain at the disposal of the tenant for 30 days.