Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy depends on the rental period and we can offer either a short or long term rental period.

Α. Short term rental:
Short term rental ranges from 1 to 30 nights/one month. The total price is calculated at the per-night rate multiplied by the number of nights reserved and always according to price list for each apartment.
The short term rental rate includes the following services:
• Taxes related to the apartment
• Water & Electricity
• Parking (if available)
• Household linens (including towels)
• Internet access
• Assistance by telephone (Assistance with any questions that may arise during your stay)
• The rental rate does NOT INCLUDE any extra services

Β. Medium and long term rental:
Long term rentals are applied to rental periods longer than one month. If this applies to your rental period, we invite you to contact us. We will be happy to find an apartment for you corresponding to the length of your stay and your budget.
The rental rate is applied per month and includes:
• Rental price of the apartment
• Assistance with any questions that may arise during your stay
• Two sets of household linens. Each set contains: 2 sheets, 2 pillow covers, 1 duvet cover, and 2 towels.
• Utilities (water – electricity – Internet access)