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We are specialized

We deal exclusively with short-term leases. Let us manage your property and enjoy your extra income.

We define a pricing strategy

We take into account factors such as competition, special periods, weekends and seasonality.

Projection & promotion

We provide multifaceted promotion through our website, social networks and AIRBNB & Booking, completely free of charge. We have partners abroad & a large clientele.

Collaboration with the owners

We provide free real estate consulting, from the complete transformation from something unusable to a profitable business, for each individual. All rules and booking periods are determined by the owners as well as the booking periods.

We provide flexible collaboration packages

We offer flexible cooperation packages (From the simple promotion of the property to its complete management).

Development of Interpersonal relationships with our customers

We implement Marketing actions that help increase customer satisfaction.

Services of Keramoti Apartments & Houses



We deal with the exploitation and management of real estate for reservations on request (Booking upon request) in the context of short-term lease. We undertake the management of real estate, from consulting in terms of renovation to rent, but also their complete transformation from something unusable to a profitable business, for every individual.


We like to know all our partners (this is how we consider the owners) and to strengthen our cooperation and for this reason, we visit each accommodation in person so that we can answer all the questions of our guests.


A member of our team is waiting for your guests for their arrival (check-in) to guide them to the place. Upon check-out, we receive the keys and make sure that no damage has been caused to the premises.


Depending on our cooperation package, in the bed linen / towel service we undertake their replacement with clean sets for each new booking and the washing / preparation of the used ones for use in the next booking.


We promote real estate through websites and social networks, completely free of charge. We have partners abroad, who promote our properties while we have created a clientele that trusts us and that is why our visitors usually make reservations of 5 to 7 days.


Communication and exchange of messages with those interested in your home and their service in any question they may have. Communication is a key point to have more bookings and increase your profits even more and that is why we communicate with those interested in less than an hour.


Your visitor may need anything at any time. We are always available for anything that comes up. We are in contact with your visitor in any way he wishes so that we can solve any problem he may have with himself or with the house.


Depending on our cooperation package, in the cleaning services, a cleaning team visits your home so that it is always in perfect condition after each booking.


We work with professional photographers to photograph your property in such a way that it looks as beautiful as it really is. Proper photography of a space is one of the most important criteria that attract an entry.


The majority of visitors have shown that it consists of people who respect the place they visit. Nevertheless, we always check the "quality" of the visitor who is interested in staying at your property. We consult the reviews he has received from previous hosts and his behavior during the communication between us.


All booking rules and periods are determined by the owners. We promote the property, the periods that are available. Only when you confirm that the period is suitable for rent, we confirm it to the guest.


We offer flexible cooperation packages (From the simple promotion of the property to its complete management).

What can Keramoti Apartments & Houses do for you!

Undertakes the promotion or management of an unexploited property and its transformation into a cozy tourist accommodation and multiple usable residence. This is achieved by:

We collect all the data and elements of your home. Its special features, style, elements, equipment it has. We define (in consultation with you) the pricing policy. Prices are formed after examining the following factors: A) Type of house, B) quality of construction, C) equipment provided, facilities and amenities, D) value of area, e) demand in the area, F) competition in the area.
In case you do not have photos for your home, we arrange for it to be photographed by a professional photographer for proper shots and details of your home. Good photography is one of the most important factors in an listing, which is why Keramoti Apartments & Houses offers this low-cost service.
With the data we have collected we create a guide (manual) of your home and contains all the information your visitor needs to use the spaces of your home safely and to be able to enjoy a trouble-free stay. An area guide is also created that concerns both the neighborhood of your home, points of interest and anything else that may interest your visitor.
After the reservation is made, the owner is immediately informed about the days of stay, the people who will visit the house, the day of arrival and departure as well as the amount of the reservation.
Keramoti Apartments & Houses offers parallel services and proposals, through a network of cooperating local companies with better prices than the market. Our goal is for your guest to be able to enjoy increased quality services at better prices so that after the end of his stay he is happy to proceed with a positive review.
Our only concern is the proper promotion, management and service so that we can make a profit from this activity. For this reason, a portion of the percentage we charge you in return for the service after each booking is returned to you through your home ad. Your home is advertised through targeted campaigns (ads) on social networks. We also undertake their promotion through Airbnb, Booking and other electronic platforms.
In our services, depending on the cooperation package, a cleaning team visits your home, with our coordination, so that it is always in perfect condition after each booking. At the bedding / towels service, we undertake their replacement with clean sets and the washing of used ones for use in the next booking.

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General questions, management questions, questions for owners, collaboration packages

General questions

We are looking for properties with the following characteristics:
  • Area of the Municipality of Nestos (Keramoti / Monastiraki / Hagedto / Nea Karya / Chrysoupoli) and the Municipality of Kavala (City of Kavala, Palio, Iraklitsa, Peramos).
  • We prefer properties that are not older than 15 years and if they are older, to be renovated.
  • Furnished properties.

You will exclusively take over We expect you to make your property available to us so that we can fully manage it. We will define the duration of our cooperation together according to your needs. My property?

Keramoti Apartments & Houses undertakes the registration and promotion of the house or the complete management of your house so that you can make money by taking advantage of the online tourist market.

It is completely free. We are paid with a small percentage, depending on the service package you choose and ONLY when there is a reservation.

It depends on many factors. From the quality of the house, how many beds it has, its equipment, the area it is located, the competition in the area etc. However, in general a home can generate a significant amount of income. However, if you have a home that is in good condition and not used full time by you or third parties it does not cost you anything to make it available for rent through the Keramoti apartments platform. Do not forget. We are not paid if you are not paid. You are charged a small percentage for our services ONLY when there is a reservation. In order to evaluate the quality of your home and to inform you about how much it can yield to you annually, register your home for FREE and we will contact you immediately.

This is something we are looking to offer homeowners in the future. But not at the moment. If we include this service in one of our new packages then we will pay you every month an amount that we will agree with each other in exchange for the right to have your house for rent.

Keramoti Apartments & Houses does not provide legal advice. You should be aware, however, that renting is illegal unless you have first spoken to the landlord, agreed on a partnership model and rented the space is permitted and explicitly stated in the contract you have entered into with him.

We never commit anyone. We offer your home management services and we get paid a small percentage when you get paid and only then. However, we know that sometimes, as in all relationships, things do not go as we would like. In this case, you can, without any other obligation on your part, notify us of your request via email and within a short time we will stop managing your home. The only condition, for the sake of the image of the registration of your home, is to settle those reservations that have already been closed in the future.

Currently in English, Bulgarian and Greek. But we are looking for partners for service and communication in German, Russian and other languages. If you think you can be included in our partner network, contact us.

If you are a homeowner who wishes to work with us, send an email to: or register your home from our site. If you are a professional who wishes to be included in our network of partners, send us an email at:

For the owner

Once we receive the money, we deduct our percentage and the balance is transferred to your account the next day, while a receipt for services is sent. In short… from 24 hours to 5-7 days.

Of course you can use your home, just contact us by phone and we will arrange it.

The law has now changed. Now anyone can rent their house online without an EOT license. In Government Gazette 4232 BD (04-12-2017) there is the circular POL. 1187/17 of the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) with Subject: “Short-term lease of real estate in the context of the sharing economy” which regulates the tax regime of Short-Term Leases such as rentals managed by keramoti apartments & Houses. In addition, the POLs also apply. 1194 / 19-10-2018, POL. 1170 / 23-08-2018, POL. 1162 / 03-08-2018, POL. 1059 / 23-3-2018 which are amendments of POL. 1187 / 23-11-2017

The reasons can be many.
  • You may already have an entry on an online booking platform but no longer have the time to “work” it properly.
  • You may no longer be able to handle the running and demanding organization needed to prepare the house, clean it, equip it with supplies, check-in and check-out, communicate with your guests and keep track of bookings.
  • Another important reason is because you want to have a professional promotion to increase the chances of renting your home and maximize your profit but you want to avoid the time consuming and psychedelic process.
  • You may also not have the time to answer your visitors’ questions, many of which are very demanding from different countries, or you may be late in answering, resulting in lost bookings.
  • You may be far from your home location and need someone to manage it for you.
  • Or because you are tired of paying exorbitant amounts and percentages to managers without providing complete services. Contact us at or register your home for free at the registration form and we will get in touch with you to inform you further about the common benefit of our cooperation.
  • Contact us by phone or submit an assignment request with the features of your property via the online form which you will find on our site and we will invite you to discuss with you.
  • We will have a discussion about the possible uses of your property and together we will make the right decision for you.

After selecting the package you want and explaining to you exactly the nature of the services we provide through it, we send you the cooperation contract. It describes the work, terms of cooperation, restrictions and conditions of each contracting party. The contract is not binding in terms of the duration of the cooperation. You can change the package whenever you want or end the relationship between us whenever you want.

Keramoti Apartments & Houses does not undertake to decorate your home or provide other services that have nothing to do with managing a rental home. However, we have concluded agreements with professionals in the field, forming a network of partners through which, with preferential prices for you, you can ask them to help you in any problem you have with your home.

Based on our know-how and experience we will offer you the best possible solution. If necessary, we can furnish your apartment at a very good price with furniture and household appliances of good quality and high aesthetics.

Of course you can. Before registering your home, we will keep detailed descriptions of your home and your preferences as well as any restrictions you want to set. Minimum booking days, minimum price limit per night and which days you want the house not to be available for rent. However, it is good to look for the golden ratio in terms of days and the price of an entry, something that has to do with the quality of the house, the amenities it has and its location.

Of course. The house is yours and the rules of use are yours exclusively. You can ask for what you want from your guests regarding your home.

In order to take over the management of a place and in order for its tourist exploitation to be successful, some minimum specifications must be observed, such as a basic first condition that the house is in good condition. In more detail:

BASIC EQUIPMENT: – Furnished – Heating – Kitchen – Fridge – Bedroom – Cabinets and storage – Set of dishes and cutlery – Set of kitchen utensils – Set of white cotton sheets – Cotton sheets – Cushions and pillows – Cushions and pillows Toaster – Wi-fi – Air Condition – First aid kit – Hot water supply Mop – Broom – Bucket – Cleaning supplies.

DESIRED FACILITIES: – TV – Satellite – Washing machine – Clothes dryer – Iron – Hairdryer
CONSUMABLES – Kitchen roll – Garbage bags – Dishwashing sponges – Dishwashing detergent – Wettex – Toilet paper – Soaps – Mosquito repellent.

Regarding the bed linen and towels, the specifications are as follows: For each bed:
  • 4 double white 100% cotton sheets
  • For all X3 pillows, the pillowcases are white 100% cotton
  • 1 blanket & 1 quilt
For the bathroom:
  • 2 bath mats
  • For each person: 3 body towels monochrome cotton at least 550gr.
  • For each person: 3 face towels monochrome cotton at least 550gr.
  • For each person: 3 hand towels monochrome cotton at least 550gr.
We need so many pieces that the change of bedding can be done immediately, especially on the days when we have both check-out and check-in so that we do not waste time on washing and your guests are dissatisfied.

Telephone device no. You do not have to provide free phone calls to your guests from inside your home. The telephone line, however, is desirable since you will be able to provide internet connection. The internet today is essential for most of your visitors. Either because they want to share photos with their friends on facebook or because they want to communicate with their relatives via skype or to check their email. Also, there are many people who choose to work in parallel with their vacations, so for them the internet is essential.


Send us any photos you already have, it is useful for us to better appreciate the property. In addition, we will recommend you, if you require to take professional photos of your property.

Because we know that the sooner a question is answered the better it is we try to answer in less than an hour and often within minutes of asking the question.

Whenever we have a reservation, we inform you, with all the information you need, such as the name of the guest and how many people there will be, the day of check-in and check-out and the amount you earn from the reservation and some instructions for the correct house preparation and booking service.

According to the packages, in the 2nd or 3rd package, Keramoti Apartmetns & Houses offers the complete management of your home, which includes the check-in / check-out service.

When your guest completes his reservation, we first send him an informative email in which we explain exactly where your home is and other useful information. Then we communicate with him about the time and day of arrival so that there is personal contact and a tour of the place they enter.

At check-out, we receive the keys and check for any damage or damage caused either by carelessness of the visitors or due to normal wear, we record them, and we inform you

According to the packages, in the 2nd & 3rd package, Keramoti Apartments & Houses undertakes to replace the sheets with clean ones as well as the pillowcases and towels.

However, it is the responsibility of the homeowner that the house be equipped with several sets of bedding and towels to be replaced. For the specifications we ask for the equipment of the house in towels and bedding, see the instructions “for the owner” on the page you are now.

Στις υπηρεσίες που παρέχουμε στο 2ο και 3ο πακέτο, ομάδα καθαρισμού επισκέπτεται το σπίτι σας, με δικό μας συντονισμό, ώστε πάντα μετά από κάθε κράτηση αυτό να βρίσκεται σε άψογη κατάσταση.Το κόστος επιβαρύνει τον ιδιοκτήτη της οικίας.

It is rare for a visitor to be careless and damage your home or steal something. However, because the cost of a home and liability insurance is very low per year, we strongly recommend that you contact your insurer to get one of your own for each of your space that we register.

We are in contact with your guest from the first moment until after his departure. In the first stage is the communication between us before booking. After booking we send the necessary information needed for his arrival and entry into your home. During his stay also, depending on his stay, we contact him to make sure that everything goes well and he does not face any problems. Upon his departure, we remind him to leave his critique, for the stay in your house, in the house evaluation questionnaire.

Our packages

Our services vary depending on your needs. We have three packages. The 1st package concerns the promotion and promotion of the house through our website, the 2nd package concerns a) the promotion of the property through our website, but also of our partners, b) the registration of the property in an online reservation system and c) the provision of reservation management services, check in & check out services and participation in marketing promotions. The 3rd package additionally includes a) the registration in multiple booking platforms b) the promotion via e-mail to customers and partner offices and c) immediate availability, in general full house management (Full management).

The Promotional Management Assignment Order (Simple) is the 1st package with 10% percentage per booking, includes the promotion of the property. More specifically, it includes a) the registration of the house, the creation of a page on our website and its management b) Communication with prospective visitors, evaluation of visitors and reservation agreement c) Informing the owner whenever there is a reservation.

The Promotional Management Assignment Order (immediate confirmation) is the 2nd package with 15% charge per booking, in addition to the 1st package, including a) the promotion of the property through our website, but also of our partners, b) its registration online booking system c) the provision of booking & calendar management services, check in & check out services and participation in marketing promotions, d) coordination of house cleaning including bed linen, e) before the registration of the house,, we visit the house for evaluation, we offer improvement tips and we recommend specialized for these tasks professionals from our network of partners for its proper promotion.

The “Private Exclusive Agreement” is the 3rd package with a 20% charge rate and offers all the services that any homeowner needs for the proper and stress-free management of their space. In this package we undertake literally everything. We undertake a) the promotion of your property, not only through our website, but also through the world-renowned real estate rental systems (Airbnb, Booking, etc.) b) its promotion via e-mail to customers and partner offices c) the registration of your property in an online reservation system with available dates for immediate booking by the customer. In addition, it includes in addition to the 2nd package a) the immediate Availability and b) the complete management of the house (Full management).

With this package, your home can make a profit every year even if you are in a different city or if you do not have the time to deal with the time consuming process of managing it. You do not need to do anything. Undertakes Keramoti apartments & Houses

Clearly you can take care of your own home.
  • But if you want to maximize the visibility of your home then you will need a service like ours to manage it.
  • If you want direct communication with your prospective guests, then these are the ideal packages. Delayed response to a question has been shown to be one of the most important causes leading to reservation loss. We answer in a few minutes to an hour.
  • If you want to promote your home, through targeted actions on social media then with this package you ensure it. A part of our profits from your home, returns to you again through the promotion of your home on social media!
  • In the 1st package with 10% per reservation you ensure the registration, management and promotion of your home, information, communication and reservations with customers as well as the collection of the amount and your immediate payment.
Όχι. Στο 2ο & 3ο πακέτο, συμπεριλαμβάνετε ο καθαρισμός της οικίας από δικά μας συνεργεία με δική σας χρέωση.

Our packages


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Περιλαμβάνει αναλυτική αναφορά 140 σημείων για το ακίνητό σας .  Αναλυτικότερα, περιλαμβάνει:


Κόστος Καταχώρησης


Παρέχεται επίσης η επιλογή των 60 €/ μήνα ή πληρωμή μετά την πώληση  με προμήθεια 1% (min 2000 €)


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